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Getting crafty with code

As you can imagine, most days are pretty exciting at Nice and Serious, but today is slightly more so than most. And why? Because we're proud to announce the release of our first open source project, which we call Crafty Vagrant.

It's a starting point for building sites with the rather wonderful Craft CMS. It's also a development environment that uses the very handy Vagrant to quickly and easily set up a nicely-configured virtual web server to work with. But perhaps most alluring of all, it's a snapshot of some of our current web development best practices, which we plan to keep up to date as we find new and better ways of doing things, so that new projects can benefit from what we've learnt on previous ones.

Over the last year or so we've been building an increasing number of sites using Craft, and have come to like it a lot. It's superbly flexible for us as designers, allowing us a great deal of freedom to be creative (compared to, say, Wordpress) while also being user-friendly for those posting content (we've had good feedback from various clients on this). It's also pretty snappy, which is always important and where a lot of other content management systems fall down. It's a measure of how much we like it that, when we redesigned our own website earlier this year, we decided to build the new site – the one you're on right now, dear reader – using Craft.

So why did we open source? Well partly because we think others might find it useful, and partly because we'd love to see what other people do with it! If you're interested to know more, please check it out on Github.

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