Nice to meet you.

What we do

We're an ethically driven creative agency.
That means we make nice things, but only to solve the serious stuff.
Here's some of what you can expect to find in our toolkit.


We develop ideas that make people care.


Whether it's 2D or 3D, we bring serious issues to life.


We design and build websites that work wonders.


We script, storyboard, shoot and direct films that matter.


We cut, mix and grade footage that inspires.

Design & Illustration

We illustrate and design to make a difference.

Motion Graphics

We move graphics to move minds.


We design infographics that inform and entertain.

How we work

We like to keep things simple.
We have three steps to make sure your project is an overwhelming success.

We assemble the perfect team.
We craft a creative treatment around you.
Working hard
We work hard until we get it just right.

Like the cut of our jib? Why not get in touch and start a project?

What’s in a name?

Nice and Serious is not just our name. It runs through everything we do.

We're nice

This is not airy fairy.
We’re serious about the nice part too.
Stories, humour, joy, stuff that touches you,
stuff that makes your brain perk up.
They’re powerful tools.
More powerful than shock tactics.
Because making humans care
is how we’ll solve the Serious stuff.

We're serious

about the serious stuff.
The important stuff.
The stuff that affects people,
and the world.
Can’t get much more serious than that.
It’s why we exist.
It’s how we choose our clients.
It’s the reason we do everything we do.